AMfurniture Group develops and manufactures furniture since 1962, combining handwork expertise with technology and innovation, applying it to its own brands portfolio and also to bespoke and contract projects.
The Portuguese group began when the passion, skill and faith of a man, Armando Ferreira da Silva, resulted in the creation of a small company in the outskirts of Porto, where he and his wife started producing handcrafted wooden furniture with traditional techniques.
Perpetuating the legacy of their father and maintaining the same passionate spirit, Armando’s sons soon took charge of the family business, expanding its production and investing in technology to reach new markets and clients, initiating an internationalization process exporting to the whole world.

Keeping up with the current demands and taking advantage of the group’s expertise and ability to constantly adapt to lifestyle changes and trends, Contract, Private Label and Bespoke departments kept on growing.
The Group expanded into four distinct residential brands, adding modern classic and contemporary styles to its portfolio.
Combining artisanal techniques and crafting expertise with technology and innovation, AMfurniture Group is now a successful manufacturer and trader with a worldwide presence.

Company Overview

Amfurniture Group Certifications
AMfurniture Group Certificartions

Business Areas

AMfurniture Brands

 From classic to contemporary furniture, combining both traditional crafting techniques with sophisticated
technology, find out more about our AMbrands: AMclassic, Dare and Elements.

Amfurniture Group brands

Bespoke Projects

Differentiation is not a problem for us.
Each piece of furniture is the reflection of what you desire.
From the initial concept to completion and delivery, every detail matters.

Bespoke Projects

Contract & Private Label

With a 15.000 sq manufacturing facility and a vast number of certifications, AMfurniture Group assures the best quality and delivery time to the most demanding hospitality and private label projects.

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