About AMclassic

Filled with history and passion, AMclassic has been presenting classical furniture collections since 1962. Inspired by neoclassical furniture styles, it combines both antique crafting techniques and the latest technology, blending elegance and artistry. A regal atmosphere emerges from the creation of delicate, handmade and beautifully carved pieces. A unique design and a versatile color palette account for the creation of unforgettable and timeless ambiances that can be found in the most luxurious homes, either with purely classic forms or as a fusion of different styles and decor.

AMclassic’s products reflect the experience of skilled artisans and the creativity of  experienced designers. Our pieces depict floral or natural motifs, engraved using traditional carving techniques. They are delicate, elegant and eclectic, displaying a clearly neoclassical influence through curved lines and distinct silhouettes. Even though you can choose from a wide variety of finishes, we recommend adding an aging effect to your favorite color to get the full classical experience. Whenever you think of royalty, nobleness and Period furniture, you’re thinking of AMclassic.

Experience history through classic furniture.

AMclassic is an AMfurniture Group brand, which means its values and principles have deep roots. Founded in 1962, it is now an established reference in the furniture sector worldwide. Its presence in over 60 countries is a testimony of quality, singularity and know-how.

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