Allure II



Superbly combining contemporary aesthetics with high-end functionality, Allure II wardrobe adds a timeless feel to the bedroom ambiance. The stripe sand 1 wood veneer that characterizes the exterior of this structure brings about sophistication and class, showcasing its natural pattern that exudes elegance at every second.  With independent modules to fit every design scheme, Allure II wardrobe possesses subtle brushed brass inlays that define the geometric shape of the doors, bringing a delicate luxury to any home.

The interior is crafted in solid wood with a groove brown finish, oozing sophistication with interior LED lights that work with a motion sensor, illuminating this beautiful piece of art at all times. The bold, distinctive modules are extractable, allowing for more storage in an easy, practical way. The interior can also be fully customized with a vast array of accessories.

Versatile and elegant, this refined wardrobe enriches any home with alluring luxury, taking advantage of a geometrical and creative design that cannot go unnoticed.

More finishes are available so that Allure II wardrobe blends seamlessly with your design project, creating a unique atmosphere of glamour.

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W: 3,36m D: 0,63m H: 2,45m