bar cabinet

Appeal bar cabinet is an inspiring and modern piece of interior design that brings a luxurious and charming atmosphere to your living or dining room.

This contemporary and functional piece of furniture is adorned with brushed brass inlays that complement its ash wood side structure in a sober dark brown finish that contrasts with the cabinet doors. Endowed with a push-pull opening system, each side column unveils a set of interior shelves.

Its doors set themselves apart, as they are made from burl taupe wood veneer, a sophisticated material that explores the compelling nature of its rich texture and enticing color.  To create a sense of unification, making a statement of elegance and pure high-end design, two semicircle brash pulls come together at the center of this piece, disclosing a LED light equipped interior that features a mirror, shelves and wine racks for both bottles and glasses.

Appeal bar cabinet is entirely customizable – a wide range of finishes is available, allowing an astonishing design to coexist in harmony with your home or project.


W: 1,4m D: 0,5m H: 1,6m