Feel II


A charming and contemporary design characterizes Feel II cabinet. Exhibiting a delicate design carefully crafted with contrasting materials and textures, this piece is a sensational addition to a luxurious living room.

The rectangular construction features an external structure in stripe sand 1 wood veneer. Inside, this striking textural cabinet incorporates smaller sections in a gloss lacquered finish. The doors open through a push-pull mechanism, revealing four storage areas, creating a pleasing opening effect.

The use of Burl Taupe 1 wood veneer in the doors adds to the sensory experience that comes with this piece due to its rich texture and enticing color; combined with brushed brass details that outline it, Feel II cabinet adds glamour to an elevated ambiance while building the bridge between contemporary and traditional furnishing.

This cabinet sits atop a wooden structure with a groove brown finish combined with brushed brass details that embellish its legs. The lightness of the base combined with the imposing profile of the top add to the delicate personality of this piece, while redefining interior luxury design.

Perfect for a wide variety of interior settings, Feel II cabinet is available for customization.

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W: 1,2m D: 0,5m H: 0,9m